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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Shoulders or Toes, Above or Below the Rest

"Monad is as programmatic as Perl or Ruby."

Looks fairly cumbersome to extend, and I'm not sure how supportive the interpreter is compared to, say, a typical Python interpreter, let alone a Lisp REPL or Smalltalk workspace.

Am I just whining? I hope not. Monad is a great big leap beyond the DOS prompt, I'll grant you that. But hopefully they are learning something from the industry folks who've been down this path already.

For example, I hope they're spending a week to bring in an expert to sit down at a Symbolics machine for an in-depth tour of the Genera command processor; likewise for a tour of a Smalltalk workspace and tools. Hey, one week for both: 2 days with each technology and then 1 day to solicit feedback on Monad.

Would that be worth the effort? Certainly. They will be affecting developers and administrators for a good long while.

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