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Saturday, January 22, 2005

Lisp and Concurrent Programming

Bill Clementson has a huge list of Lisp-related concurrent programming references. And if you haven't looked at Erlang yet, it is a list-based semi-functional language. Too bad it doesn't use Lisp syntax.

Bill refers to Dirk Gerrits, building an Erlang-like concurrency mechanism in Common Lisp. Something like this was done for Python as well, called Candygram.

Also related is the ETOS compiler for Erlang that generates Gambit Scheme, which scales as well as Erlang/OTP.

The mind spins, concurrent thoughts swirling all around.


Ken said...

"Too bad it doesn't use Lisp syntax."
<troll>Maybe they wanted people to actually use Erlang</troll>

Steve Dekorte said...

has an actor-based Erlang-like (with coroutines) concurrency system but it's a pure OO language.

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