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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Boo and IronPython

Edd Dumbill tried IronPython and now prefers Boo. Another Python friend was thinking of trying Boo too. The problem I have with that is I'd rather the bulk of my code not be tied to a specific platform, which Boo seems to do. Boo runs on MSFT dotnet as well as Mono, but still requires the CLR platform.

Edd raises significant concerns about IronPython. Rather than a somewhat handcuffed Boo, I would think a Python programmer would be very well off with regular CPython and bridging to dotnet via the Python.Net dll's.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

How exactly is boo "handcuffed"? That's a better description of python than boo.

But yes, I agree, if you want to stick with regular "handcuffed" python, then using the CLR bridge is the best option because IronPython is still very early alpha quality. There is a similar bridge for ruby, too.

But a great deal more users of both python and ruby would prefer a way to create fully managed applications, not something that is slower and requires installing two standard libraries instead of one.

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