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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Accounting for the Long Tail

The Accounts framework and other Adaptive Object Models provide more support for long-tail notions in software...

A system with an Adaptive Object-Model has an explicit object model that it interprets at run-time. If you change the object model, the system changes its behavior. For example, a lot of workflow systems have an Adaptive Object-Model. Objects have states and respond to events by changing state. The Adaptive Object-Model defines the objects, their states, the events, and the conditions under which an object changes state. Suitably privileged people can change this object model "without programming". Or are they programming after all? Business rules can be stored in an Adaptive Object-Model that makes it easy to evolve the way a company does their business.
And then [micro-]workflow. (But the site was having trouble today)


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