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Wednesday, May 18, 2005


A.H. wonders...

Wouldn’t it be delicious if the female orgasm were the thing that tips the scales in favor of the Intelligent Design crowd? It would make for a great closing argument: "The female orgasm is so complex and strange, it could only have come from God. The reason there is no evolutionary purpose to it is because there is no evolution! God is in the details... and the bedroom. Who needs Darwin when you have the Bible -- and the Jack Rabbit (grown ups only). Case closed. Amen."


gmlk said...
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gmlk said...

Snow is strange as well:

It's the darkest time of the year, the bright colours of autumn are gone, and everything becomes messy and ugly. People are becoming depressed because lack of light... and then, bright white snow comes falling down. Suddenly all the mess is hidden and the world is bright again.

Patrick Logan said...

Not as sexy, but OK.

I would add that H2O in general is strange.

Chui Tey said...

If there isn't Intelligent Design, then how do you explain how Lucifer got turned into Satan? Only God can do that!

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