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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Java and SOAP/WSDL

Philippe Mougin writes in a comment on Don Box's blog...

I'm quite surprised by Don Box's comment about SOAP/WSDL providing a great experience to Java folks. JAX-RPC (the standard Java API for using SOAP and WSDL) is known to be a terrible API...
Several years ago I used a fairly nice SOAP toolkit called Glue. I recently worked with SOAP again for the first time since then. This time around we tried Glue, Axis2, and another based on JAX. Glue remains by far the nicest and yet still presented problems with interoperability even among Java toolkits as well as various dotnet toolkits.

Web Methods owns Glue now. I don't know how well they've incorporated Glue into the rest of their products. They seem to bury Glue per se deeply in their web site for some reason.

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