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Thursday, February 23, 2006

This is Enterprise Stuff. Look Out

A comment on Bill de hÓra's blog from Mike Champion continues the theme of wizards hiding complexity reining supreme...

...the paying customers in my world DEMAND that intellisense and databinding stuff that people in the web geek world think is gratuitous fluff.
Intellisense and code generation is an isolated developer trick for hiding real complexity and risk. This has nothing to do with architecture, maintainability, interoperability, etc.

If that is the reason for choosing SOAP/WSDL then... it really is over.

It also remains to be seen whether RELAX NG, RDF Schema, etc. are also just simpler tools for simpler jobs than XSD, or really do more with less. I'd be extremely happy to be proven wrong that XSD is a necessary evil!
Yes, why list actual reasons why XSD is good when you can just claim the top of the hill and dare people to knock you off. I think you might fall down on your own.

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