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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Another Flex Tip

I got another promising tip from Garrett Hart here inside Liberty Mutual...

He sent along this Adobe documentation on "Dynamically Creating User Interface Components". Here we go...

Em, hold off on this one. The code as it is in the article seems to be for ActionScript 2 rather than ActionScript 3. There were substantial changes in the display object class hierarchy.

Back to the drawing board, but the Vista Smalltalk swf example is still a good indicator.


The url Garrett refers to in the comments is this one. Blogger kind of mangled it.


Garrett said...

Look for the "Creating visual Flex components in ActionScript" heading on this page. It is from Flex 2 Developer's Guide and should be up to date. There is a PDF available as well.


Patrick Logan said...

Cool. I had not come across that doc yet either. Thanks.

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