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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Gambit / Termite / Erlang

Dominique Boucher compares Erlang with Gambit Scheme, and in particular Termite, which is an Erlang-like system the runs on Gambit. His conclusion...

I would choose Erlang over Gambit-C+Termite for the development of a new scalable and robust distributed application. That being said, Gambit-C is a nice piece of software (in fact my preferred Scheme system), it has a great debugger, and the Scheme Now! project will certainly lead to a number of good portable libraries for Scheme. But from the perspective of an industrial developer, Erlang wins easily.
I would have to go along with this conclusion for almost any system that might have to be "production-ready" in the next couple two, three years. On the other hand I think Gambit Scheme is the better investment for the long haul. Erlang is a great language, and OTP is a solid framework for distributed systems. But Scheme is the better "foundation" language and Gambit has all the qualities of Erlang to become a solid foundation for all kinds of distributed systems, even an Erlang system, as exhibited by ETOS (Erlang-to-Scheme).


Philip Robinson said...

So why not use Erlang now, then ETOS in X years to convert all your code? :-)

Barry Cswords said...

I hope the Gambit/Termite runtime can be turn as a module of JVM, but not written in java like Clojure. And then it would be even better than Ruby.

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