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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Iraq - That's Right

MoveOn is holding a virtual town hall on the Iraq catastrophe.

You can attend a local house party and view/participate from there if you'd like.

Here is a banner and link you can put on your blog if you'd like.

Join MoveOn.org's Virtual Town Hall: Iraq

They are asking which candidate has the best position on Iraq in your opinion. Here is my opinion, which I don't believe is so very far off from many opinions, if not expressed in the same way...

It is a *fucking* mess and getting out of it won't be easy, but I hope several people eventually go to jail because of it. I won't vote for anyone who does not admit it was a mistake, should never have occurred, and vows to apologize to the world as the next president of the United States. Enough bullshit.

That's right. I probably will not vote for president in 2008 unless I change my mind of this.

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Bill Mill said...


I'm probably going the opposite way from you. I've never voted before because of similar reasons why you are thinking about not voting. (except re: drug war/big government/civil liberties, instead of Iraq).

This year, however, I think I've determined to at least throw my hat in the ring with somebody. If it's not a big-party candidate, I should at least make my voice heard by voting for some poor schmuck who's not going to win.

Our electoral system is so f*cked up that I'm not sure it's possible for anyone that even passes my "barely acceptable" threshold to become president.

(That said, I guess I have somewhat similar beliefs to you, and rank them (1) Ron Paul (2) Obama (3) nobody yet - libertarian maybe)

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