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Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Back in December, Mickaël Rémond wrote on the erlang-questions list...

Jabberlang for now rely on ejabberd. You need ejabberd to use it. The shared object you are mentionning comes from ejabberd. That said Jabberlang is a client library that rely on a server implementation which seems strange. That's why we are currently doing some code refactoring. Our target is to have:
  • exmpp: A common XMPP library that is used by ejabberd and Jabberlang
  • Jabberlang: Relying on exmpp.
  • ejabberd: Relying on exmpp.
We are in the middle of this refactoring currently.
Recently, elsewhere, he updated:
Jabberlang will be replaced soon by a much better and easier to use library called exmpp. Stay tuned. It will be published here: http://www.process-one.net/

1 comment:

probably corey said...

What happened to exmpp/jabberlang? I don't see any updates on jabberlang and can't find any references to exmpp. Is it still moving forward?

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