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Saturday, November 03, 2007

The "Web or Facebook" Bet

I sure don't understand Facebook. I never even got up to the MySpace stage. Joe Wilcox watches Microsoft...

As I've repeatedly asserted, Facebook is more like an operating system in the cloud than a Web 2.0 service. No one should understand a "walled garden" better than Microsoft's GM of platform strategies. After all, what is Windows but a walled garden?
It's autumn. The garden is turning brown. Joe paraphrases Microsoft...
In a blog post earlier today, Fitzgerald asserts that the "sound and fury" of the OpenSocial announcement "actually underscores the weakness of the hand held by Google and their fellow travelers. While nominally about making it easier for developers to write widget applications that can be hosted across multiple sites, it really shows how few options Google has to try to deflate the twin nightmares that Facebook poses to Google."
Probably some truth is in there somewhere. The sound and fury is more Mircosoft's though. I think they're doing more bluffing and OpenSocial is more like calling the bluff.

But like I said... I don't understand Facebook. I know some people who use it reluctantly rather than enthusiastically. This also happens to be the characterization of most of the Windows users I know.

Don't bet against the web. Google has its own agenda, but it is simultaneously helping to build out the web.

Microsoft continues to make many more billions of USD than I can fathom. But I don't see how their walls and Facebooks can hold up in the long run.


Anonymous said...

Patrick, I have a lot of respect for your previous work. However with this specific blog item, I am not sure if you are trying to create FUD? Just like a lot of people still don't understand the new Yellow Page ads (i.e. Google), why are you tring to dismiss new Magzine ads?

Patrick Logan said...

I'm not sure what can and cannot be categorized as FUD. In this case I have no official stake in any of the parties nor do I have any good knowledge of any of the details, even as an outside observer. So what I wrote may cause FUD, but I wrote it as half-baked thoughts on a matter outside my sphere of influence or knowledge.

I don't understand the new ads metaphor - explain?

Anonymous said...

At the end of the day, both companies are selling ads to make money. Google is mostly keyword based much like when you go over YellowPages. While Facbook is user-created content like newspaper or a magzine.

If you don't understand Facebook, then how you can start to compare Google with Facebook. And claim Google is helping the Web while the other does not. All for-profit companies are profit driven.

I have no stake in Facebook and use Google most of the time for search (only).

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