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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

AIR Linux

From Adobe regarding AIR for Linux...

We have posted the first publicly available alpha build of the Adobe AIR runtime installer and SDK for Linux. In addition, we are linking to several sample applications that currently run on AIR. You should consider these builds only alpha quality and not yet feature complete...

It is our intention to release future versions of Adobe AIR simultaneously on Linux, Mac and Windows

As chromatic pointed out in a comment to a previous blog post, this is not completely open, and the term "linux" will probably continue to mean x86, 32-bit, and certain distributions of Linux selected for testing. But we'll see. Maybe that should be submitted as a bug?

But there's more to read about, e.g. this from Artima...

Adobe also announced today that it is joining the Linux Foundation with the aim to make rich user experiences easier to develop and deploy on Linux desktops. Among the initial platforms that will see the benefit of Adobe's contributions in this area is Ubuntu, already among the most UI-rich and user-friendly Linux distros.
Artima referred to the release notes which in turn refers to a discussion forum for AIR for Linux.

I'll tuck this tidbit down here at the bottom of the post: Wrox has some AIR books coming out. The Beginner AIR book is already shipping from Amazon.

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