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Thursday, July 17, 2008

You're Welcome and You're Not

You're welcome to your ideas. Your welcome to express them in writing, orally, and via many means at your disposal.

But you're not welcome to shout them at the top of your lungs in an otherwise peacefully quiet town square. That's disturbing the peace. You've disturbed mine twice recently.

It's not like I haven't encountered the same message hundreds of times a year, nearly each year of my life. I wonder what's at stake for you to feel compelled to choose this means?

I appreciate you are passionate about your ideas. Maybe you would respect a similar passion for my ideas. I cannot presume it is my place to express that passion so intrusively, no matter what my ideas, no matter how passionate I may be.

And believe me: I am a Smug Lisp Weenie. I can be passionate.


thirdshift said...

Is this some kind of PDX thing? I'm not getting it.

Patrick Logan said...

Oh, nevermind this. I just needed someone to talk to and my blog's email address was close at hand.

PetrolHead said...


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