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Monday, September 01, 2008

B.B. King: Sitting On Top Of The World

How many artists of any medium have been on the top of their profession for many decades and then produce one of their greatest works?

B.B. King is one. "One Kind Favor" is his latest album, which is not only great, but one of the greatest blues albums ever, and one of the best collections of music of all time. Well, in my opinion.

No surprise that T Bone Burnett is the producer. King is no slacker at age 76, but Burnett was the perfect choice to draw this one out of King.

If you don't run out and get this music, you may as well stop listening to everything altogether. There would be no point in continuing.


Steve Vinoski said...

Patrick, thanks for the heads-up on this. Exceptionally good tunes from the legend!

Andrew said...

I totally agree, but I feel I should point out that B.B. was 82, not 76, when the album was recorded! Makes it even more of an achievement, I suppose!

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