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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

RESTful Clients

Jon Udell's got a piece on languages and runtimes, especially "client-side"...


Jon wrote:
"How these capabilities can and should be used in general, and
specifically both in the cloud and on peers — these questions interest
me a lot."

I think this is the key issue, yes. So far there is one reasonable
RESTful client application: the browser, generally. (Well, and email
clients, arguably.)

Some thoughts...

Good RESTful clients should be more secure than the browser, more
"rich" than the browser, and more easily programmed than the browser
(i.e. easier and more expressive than ajax). Good RESTful applications
should not require "one-off" programming on the client side. Nor
should they expect all the client components to be developed in any
single language, or run in a single runtime container.

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