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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Decentralize Now

Peter Saint-Andre...

"Radical decentralization has got to be a big part of any solution to
what ails America, and busting up the country into its 50 constituent
states would be a step in the right direction"


I'm for it - with one exception - the state boundaries are artificial.
We have states and cities bordering each other on rivers. The lines
should be drawn around a more natural "bio-region" as they say.

For example the right size for where I live would be the Columbia
River Watershed.

Radical decentralization would be the best move this country could
make. All the more reason it will never happen, in this cynic's


jarober said...

You do realize that the guy posting that is one of the black helicopter, "North American Union" conspiracy nuts?

Jason Yip said...

Does this mean splitting up into 51 separate countries?

Patrick Logan said...

I would think something like 8-12 different regional countries along more natural boundaries would be practical. Splitting up into 51 artificial countries would be impractical.

i.e. don't split with a river dividing two countries. The land on either side of a river belong in the same region.

Patrick Logan said...

"You do realize that the guy posting that is one of the black helicopter, "North American Union" conspiracy nuts?"

The only point I'm making is that decentralization into smaller, more independently governed societies is important. A lot of "black helicopter" people have good ideas. I think most people in Washington DC are nuttier in more dangerous ways than your average conspiracy theorist.

Unknown said...

You've read "Snowcrash" right?...

stpeter said...

Hi Patrick, I agree that the current state boundaries are artificial, but one thing at a time. :) Heck, the 50-state secession idea is just a pipe dream, so let's not even think about (say) county-by-county realignment.

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