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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Treasure Alright

Paul Krugman:

"Treasury needs to explain why this is supposed to work — not try
to panic Congress into giving it a blank check. Otherwise, no deal."


You can bet there are a number of people figuring to make a pile of
money on this eventually. Some people will be figuring just how they
escape this, under the radar, with their large salaries and bonuses
intact. Others see an opportunity to come back around later and scoop
up assets out of the government's hands like the Oklahoma Land Rush
all over again. But just the valuable assets. The government gets to
keep the busted assets for sure.

Fortunes may be stashed for a while, but they will be enhanced and
made on this fiasco. Little will trickle down to anyone not already in
the game.

That's the only thing my pea brain can fathom in all this.

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