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Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I attended the second of seven intro to improv classes at the Brody
Theater tonight. Last week was mostly group games - improv in a big
circle, mostly actions, some sounds and words. Tonight we transitioned
from whole-group action games to small group emotion and scene
games... limited to sounds and/or gestures still. A lot of good
lessons learned both classes - I won't write those here - the
instructor is emailing them and I may list them or pick a few out in
more detail if the mood strikes me.

Several of the games have involved quite a bit of movement. I have an
injured right shoulder from an accumulation of abuse, the least of
which is not my physical enthusiasm at the Oregon State game Saturday.
But I played through the pain tonight, and now I am in continuing
discomfort - and I fear a good deal of pain in the night and the
morning. I need heat.


A lot of these games are very, very easy and fun - e.g. for an improv
session at an open space conference.

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