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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

No Silver Scrum Bullets

Bob Martin...

"Of course it's true that a two day certification course is neither necessary nor sufficient to create a good software leader. It's also true that the certificate you get for attending a CSM course is good for little more than showing that you paid to attend a two day CSM course. It's also true that scrum leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to engineering practices. But it is neither the purpose of scrum nor of CSMs to make engineers out of us, or to instill the disciplines of craftsmanship within us. That's our job!"


Yes! There is no process description for any creative, collaborative activity anywhere in the world, in any language or notation, that can make up for a lack of brain waves. Process descriptions are at best the starting battle tactics of a long, hard war.

When I taught, and now when I talk, about "agile" my key point is that these are merely tools that may help communication among collaborators who have (or should have) a shared objective. The tools will not do the thinking or the communicating for you.

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