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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Down On Main St.(ream)

Mark Watson lines them up...

Gambit-C Scheme does have the Termite package for concurrency but something more main-stream like Scala or Haskell seemed like a better idea.
Ouch. Maybe lisp won't be our overlord.

Actually Gambit does not support multiple cores in one OS process either. It has Erlang-levels for threading, and almost as good for mailboxing, but just on one CPU.

So then Clojure? Good bit simpler than Scala or Haskell. Much more expressive for symbolic programming as well.

Mark points to an impressive comparison favoring Haskell over Scala. (Assuming all things being equal.) I wonder what the learning curve is to get really good numbers for various kinds of programs in Haskell, with its laziness, etc. Especially good memory usage numbers.


Don Stewart said...

Haskell, faster, and uses less memory than Scala.

Faster and less memory than Erlang as well.

And no one's written anything in Clojure, so hard to say anything there.

Anonymous said...


I remember reading posts of yours criticizing STM in the past. Given some of the link love towards Clojure lately, have you softened on STM a bit? What are your opinions on the state of concurrency and the current crop of language out there now?



Patrick Logan said...

"What are your opinions..."

I'll put some thoughts into another post.

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