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Saturday, December 06, 2008

If Roundball Had Body Checking

Dwight Jaynes' opinion of Kevin Garnett...

"At some point, doesn't an elbow have to be thrown? Or can't you at
least hammer him on a shot attempt? This is enough to make you
appreciate hockey, where you can take care of things like this."



Unknown said...

Hey Patrick, sorry, I just can't resist: sounds like Dwight is embarrassed for his Trail Blazers, as well he should be given that the Celts beat them like rented mules! ;-)

Pierce shut Roy down and without him, the whole Trail Blazers offense was gone. Oden was utterly useless. On ESPN Jeff Van Gundy was beside himself wanting Portland just once -- just once! -- to get back on defense, instead of letting the Celtics run layup drills. Celts were so bored in the second half they had to take their starters out for awhile just to let Portland score a few and try in vain to make a game of it.

Hey Portland: you're welcome for that taste of the Eastern Conference! C'mon back and visit anytime! ;-)

Patrick Logan said...

no doubt. ugh. jaynes also admitted that in a previous post...


no excuses. they got thumped.

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