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Wednesday, December 03, 2008


"Clojure actually uses fewer parentheses to call java code than java code does."

podcast: http://podcasts.pragprog.com/2008-12/stuart-halloway-on-programming-clojure.mp3

Says this may be controversial to lisp programmers. Stuart obviously
has not seen the loop macro. ;-/



Anonymous said...

I know you were joking, but he should be aware of it--he wrote a useful series of articles porting PCL (PCL has a whole chapter dedicated to the loop macro) to Clojure:


It ought to help those familiar with CL grok Clojure.

Stuart Halloway said...

:-) The potential issue is not paren reduction, but the number of Clojure literal forms.

I don't think it will really be controversial, just take a little acclimatization.


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