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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Monday the 8th at pdxfunc

pdxfunc is meeting Dec. 8 at CubeSpace...

Jim Blandy will present trace-based just-in-time compilation techniques, how they're being used in his work at Mozilla with the SpiderMonkey JavaScript implementation, and how these can be applied to functional programming languages. Jim is a contributor to GNU Emacs, Guile, GDB, GLIBC, Mozilla SpiderMonkey, Subversion, and others.

Julian Blake Kongslie will present his efforts in implementing modern state-based search using Haskell. He'll discuss the problems of search in FP in general and/or how he implemented his present solution. Julian is a graduate student at Portland State University, and author of the Chortl register-transfer language and Riviera continuation-based web framework.

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