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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Dear Reader

To those who think I smoke crack or who think I believe every quote I post, here is a disclaimer:

Not true.

Recently Nelson Minar posted some conspiracy theories. This does not necessarily mean Nelson believes those theories unless he clearly states so.

Recently I posted a URL to Nelson's post. This does not necessarily mean I believe those theories, neither did I state so.

So why did I post the URL? Because this is an issue that must be considered:

  • I believe that governments in general should be questioned.
  • I believe that republics should be based on skepticism.
  • I believe there are precedents in this administration as well as previous one that call this current scenario into question.
Have I drawn a conclusion? A conclusion in this case by an average citizen is impossible. But none of us should ever stop questioning.

Thank you for reading my posts, technical, political, and otherwise. These are simply thoughts that are on my mind and I offer them to you as nothing more nor less.

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Anonymous said...

Fair enough and good points. I agree in questioning governments and holding accountability, but we'd have to agree that there's a line between questioning and just promoting garbage like these conspiracy theories.

I have the good fortune of working with all the US intelligence agencies and DoD. You get a much better view of reality from the inside. Any organization full of people are going to have problems - whether it’s a private business or a government agency. The difference is that we don't habitually think the worst of a business (other than MS), but even the slightest miscommunication from the government is suddenly swept into a vortex of misconceptions and hideous biases. The problems are compounded because 99% of the people get their information from journalists who sacrifice sound, truthful reporting for being the first to crack a story – even reputable papers like the NYT, WP, USA Today, etc are full of retractions, clarifications, etc each day.

In closing, consider the question of who was holding Mr. Berg prior to his death. Try to appreciate that you're dealing not with one entity known as the "federal government", but with more than 4 different HUGE agencies all trying to answer the same question about what happened in a war zone. Just because a reporter gets conflicting answers from the agencies doesn't mean that it's the "federal government" trying to cover up the fact they killed Mr. Berg, it could be a result of any bureaucracy...the same type of bureaucracy we deal with every day we step into our offices.

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