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Sunday, May 16, 2004

A principled use of XML?

However, the most powerful reason for devising a new markup language is the very close relationship between elements in a XAML file, and objects at runtime. Unlike any previous markup languages, XAML is designed to integrate directly with WinFX.
Here's one thing I don't get about XAML. Is this a principled use of XML?

One point about XML that is hammered home at every opportunity is the ability to separate an XML document from the implementations of the systems that handle the document.

Yet with XAML we are being told the opposite is the advantage: there is a tight coupling of the contents of a XAML document and the specific implementation intended to process that document.

This seems like trouble to me, down the road, as you'd prefer the ability to evolve the documents and their handlers independently.

Maybe this issue is addressed somewhere, and I'm missing the advantage. It just seems counter to every other promotion of why and how to use XML.

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Anonymous said...

Microsoft has some very good xml people working for them, and yet they continually make awful uses of xml, their xml dialects tend to be butt-ugly (VML was nice, and XDR [xml data reduced] looked good in comparison to XSD, but everything else is wretched) go look through an Office installation for xml files, you will gag.

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