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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

What about the seeds?

"Today (the biotech) industry mentioned a number of times that if (the Supreme Court) ruled against them, it would stop the development of new seeds and plants," Schmeiser said. "What about seeds and plants that have been grown and developed by farmers for years?"

Monsanto says if Canada wants to be friendly to innovation -- and business -- the court should rule in the company's favor. About 30,000 farmers in Canada use Monsanto's seeds.

Schmeiser says the canola crop he had developed over a period of 50 years was destroyed when genetically modified seeds blew into his fields from a neighboring farm. He has refused to settle out of court with Monsanto like many other farmers have, and he now owes the company about $140,000 in judgments, has legal fees of $230,000, and has rented out all but 140 acres of his farm. Still, he says he'd do it all over again, because the future of North American farmers depends on the outcome of his case.

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