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Thursday, March 17, 2005

We're Waiting Already

From CNET...

"It's a little depressing that developers are just now wrapping their heads around these things we shipped in the late 20th century," said Charles Fitzgerald, Microsoft's general manager for platform technologies. "But XAML is in a whole other class. This other stuff is very kludgy, very hard to debug. We've seen some pretty impressive hacks, but if you look at what XAML starts to solve, it's a major, major step up."
Please actually *deliver* something newfangled, and show us why its significantly better than the older technology. Then you might generate more buzz than Google.

But then again what about Firefox? Opera? Safari? Charles... I think you've got a lesson or two to go with XAML. You may know more than I do about how you'll win this one, but either show your entire hand or get back to work.

(via Jim)

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