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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Discouraging Words

There are many things I like about Jini/Javaspaces, but as I wrote over on Dan Creswell's blog recently, the documentation...

...needs some work...

Hopefully the long time participants understand just how bad it is. It is discouragingly bad.

Especially for software that's been around for the better part of a decade. Do you want more Jini adoption? Get better documentation for it.

I hope to help. I currently need to build software for enterprise Java programmers, and this is some of the best stuff going.

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PetrolHead said...

Feeling your pain Patrick - trouble is, there's a lot of it to do, very few capable of doing it and it costs a lot of time and therefore money.

Getting useful feedback is a nightmare and revising "official documentation" such as specs etc requires getting agreement from the community which is challenging because they all have their own opinions, they all want it done their way but few will actually contribute.

I suspect therefore that the best chance of doing something useful is outside of the "official" documentation. But then we're into a catch22, people want the documentation first but won't contribute anything to get documentation until they have documentation.......

Not expecting any sympathy,


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