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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Apollo May Become The Best Ajax Platform

James Robertson writes...

Microsoft is trying to create the kind of walled garden they stumbled into on the desktop out on the net. The problem is, a lot of us would rather develop/deploy on Linux (because it's easier to manage a Linux server remotely). At present, Silverlight is completely uninteresting if that's where you are, and they aren't likely to change that...

Adobe's Apollo, on the other hand - it's going to end up inside and outside. It's the game to watch, IMHO.

James on silverspoon vs. ajax...
Ajax doesn't limit you in the same ways.
And the cool thing about apollo is its support for flex *and* ajax. Apollo may become the *best* ajax platform. One, because it has all the other apollo features. Two, because it will be the *same* ajax environment on all platforms.

I think the ball is solidly in adobe's hands. It is their ball to drop. They can leverage their proprietary components and their open source directions into quite a sweet spot.

1 comment:

Lawouach said...

Not pointing at you but I remember seeing so many comments in the field when Apollo was announced saying that Adobe would try to control the web and that it was wrong that it was not an open standard, blah blah blah... and now Apollo is the Hero. Why? Just because it could defeat Microsoft.

Some people are just too shallow really.

(Again this is not directed at you ;))

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