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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Pilgrimage to Someplace Better

Mark Pilgrim rants about something to do with Apollo, Flex, Flash, etc.

Not that Apollo is the final destination, but it is a helluva better step towards something useful than the place browsers seem to be going anytime soon.

These things *are* becoming more open and they are "on the web". And they are a helluva lot more programmable than browsers.

How long as SVG been around? And it can do what, again? With how much complexity?

Have fun. Fuzzy explains it.


Gordon said...

I thought it was more something to do with GPL.

Patrick Logan said...

The question for me is, is Adobe heading in the right direction?

I think so, yes.

I think MSFT is as too, but not as well. I don't like the limitations I see in MSFT. I don't like their lack of clarity, at best, on Linux. And I really don't like their demand to develop only on Windows.

Finally I don't *trust* them, and am grateful that Adobe has a better product and a better direction. For me.

Gordon said...

That's the key word, trust, and it's a valid point, but not something you can argue against. I've looked into flash a bit (mosty via Open Laszlo, and that was ages ago), but for me the barriers to entry are too high. I can, and have, gotten started with Python, Scheme, Common Lisp, and Ruby for nothing but an investment of some time. Should I be concerned about vendor lock-in on top of that?
Honestly, I haven't educated myself enough on what Apollo or Flex can do for me... or Silverlight, for that matter. I'm still getting my head around this Ajax thing.

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