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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

No Thanks Netflix

I use Linux. I've been thinking about Netflix, but also considering other services such as the one from Tivo and Amazon, since I already have Tivo. But I also have iTunes and a video-capable iPod, which I love dearly, so I am kind of watching where Apple TV is going. I would have to buy a Mac *and* Apple TV. I got rid of my last old Mac a while back. But that's a net positive. I almost have Windows out of the house entirely and do not want to build any more dependencies on the one my wife still uses.

But now that Netflix has declared my business to be unimportant...

Netflix plans to adopt Silverlight as the foundation for its instant-viewing feature; a demo showed off high-quality streaming video overlaid with DVD-like menus and controls.
My decisions just got one step easier. Maybe next time, Netflix, when you decide not to rule me out of your internets.


Douglas said...

Silverlight has been licensed under a BSD like license and there is talk of incorporating it and the open parts of the CLI into Mono. No one has made any definite decisions until all the information is known, but the current hope is that 'silverlight' does not mean 'windows specific' in the long term. Only time will tell and there are those nasty patent issues to watch out for.

Not saying the basis you are using for your opinion is wrong, just that with time and effort on the parts of others, you might change your mind.

Apples decision to allow all clients to sell DRM Free content is the type of effort that is required.

Patrick Logan said...

Competition is good. MSFT is feeling some heat. And so is Adobe.

Mark Watson, author and consultant said...

Greetings Patrick, I enjoy reading your blog.

re: Netflicks online viewing: while I am an enthusiastic Netflicks customer (way better value than, for example, cable TV), I don't care about their upcoming online viewing services.

A round trip mailing of a DVD costs Netflix about $0.90, so sure they would like to also deliver content via the web - but, I want to stick with having DVDs mailed to me.

Best regards,

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