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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

"Bonjour, XMPP."

From http://blog.xmpp.org/...

Today we advanced XEP-0174: Link-Local Messaging to Draft in our standards process. This specification defines how to send XMPP messages in a serverless mode via zero-configuration networking (a technology created by Apple Computer, originally called Rendezvous and now called Bonjour).
To be clear for us newbies to Bonjour, there are implementations like the one from Apple, but it is also a standard, or maybe more accurately a set of conventions for using some IP standards. So it is not like "using something from Apple" which may be less appealing to some than "using some IP networking standards".

Anyway, that said, this is kind of interesting. We've been looking at various intersections of grid computing and messaging. If you have a number of processes coming and going, not too far from each other, and some of them need to find each other to exchange some information, this might be a way to do that.


Daniel Aleksandersen said...

If I understand this correctly (thought depending on the user agent): XMPP will soon be able to detect and communicate with other users on the local network? –without going trough a server?

Patrick Logan said...

That's what this proposal would do, and that's what iChat does already.

I'm not sure how much iChat currently conforms to the proposal.

Patrick Logan said...

Apparently other open source IM has it now too, including what comes with OLPC. (http://www.laptop.org/)

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