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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Watching Out For Lolcats

Learning is fun generally. Learning about the APP and the Atom format can be fun specifically. For example, did you know...

valuable formats - ones with media types, and not just the usual blogging suspects - are properly supported in APP. Lolcats won't be a problem.
See what I mean? This is good news even for us dog lovers. :-)

Finally a general observation that has nothing to do with cats or dogs, but is worth repeating at every opportunity...

Going custom will up the overall design and engineering dollars spent. Companies, even big ones, are resource bound so each engineering dollar spent on publishing infrastructure is a dollar not spent on a cool feature a user might care about. You want to be sure it's the right thing to do. For those integrating against such a provider you probably want to keep custom formats/protocols at the edge and convert them to open models for that internal use.

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