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Sunday, June 10, 2007

It's Too Wii-alistic

Is the combination of "mature" rated games and the Wii's "naturalistic" controller just too much realism? Some think so, as reported in qj.net. One person calles it "a murder training device".

M-rated games coming to the Wii are expected to be criticized and contested. Manhunt 2, in particular, is receiving much word from anti-game lawyers. In an interview by Fox News, Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum talked about the game's Wii version requiring players to slash and stab using the Wiimote...

Looks like Super Smash Brothers Brawl will take some heat too, since it encourages kids to beat the crap out of their friends and throw them out the stage. Nintendo is not fazed, stating that games simply have different audiences just like movies, televisions, and books. Don't let the kids touch Manhunt 2, problem solved.

Let's not bring common sense into the equation, shall we? Or maybe we should force the players of "mature" games to use those old fashioned controllers with mini joysticks and all kinds of buttons so they remember *It's Just A Game*!

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Carl Gundel said...

Perhaps we should not send our children to karate classes then since these are essentially the rehearsal of violence; a "murder training class", if you will. I play Quake and Doom and some other similar games, and I do not spend my time imagining or committing violence against people (or animals). Perhaps the lawyers should be suing parents who don't teach their kids how to treat others well. Of course I'm only kidding about this, but it does seem to me that this is a much more important issue.

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