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Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Bill de hÓra writes...

Atom Protocol. Is nearly done. Even though I'm a co-editor, and hence have some bias, this one will be fun to watch. AtomPub sits in a very strange place, as it has the potential to disrupt half a dozen or more industry sectors, such as, Enterprise Content Management, Blogging, Digital/Desktop Publishing and Archiving, Mobile Web, EAI/WS-* messaging, Social Networks, Online Productivity tools. As interesting as the adoption rates, will be people and sectors finding reasons not use it to protect distribution channels and data lockins with more complicated solutions. Any kind of data garden is fair game for AtomPub to rationalize.
Congratulations. Way back several years ago as a shooting-from-the-hip off-to-the side observer I thought the Atom effort would just add confusion to the "syndication" domain at a time that RSS, feeds, blogs, etc. were gaining some visibility in the enterprise. This was a great effort, and a great vision, and I think I kind of "get it" now!

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