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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Swing and a Miss

I'm watching the Godfather and just came across a huge blooper. Sonny beats up his sister's husband in response to the husband beating the sister. A few swings into the beating though, Sonny clearly swings and misses but the brother-in-law flings his head as if contact was made.

Wild. I played Tivo back and forth in freeze frame to make sure of what I saw fly by the first time. Sure enough, this is a known blooper.

Now I don't know how I missed that so many times before.


Anonymous said...

The whole scene was a pretty clumsy staged-looking fight, really. These days they use pro stuntmen and fight choreographers. Back then, it was just James Caan aiming some punches to the side and some camera work that didn't obscure that too well.

Anonymous said...

I noticed the blooper the first time I saw the movie many years ago. I still find it hard to believe that an otherwise fabulous movie would let such a blunder slip through the editing process.

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