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Monday, May 24, 2004

Blogger Problems

I've never been happy with Blogger. The quality is inconsistent at best, and remains so many months after the Google aquisition.

For example, I have no idea what happened to my "recent posts" on the right side. They disappeared sometime on Sunday.

Another example, I edited my template a week ago or so to remove the CSS indent from paragraphs in the items I post. OK, I need to look up the proper way to do this maybe, to avoid template changes coming from on high. But could I have a warning or a chance to accept the template changes?

Other changes to the template have been preserved. Maybe I just put the CSS changes in the wrong location in the template.


Anonymous said...

I've noticed that more than half the time, loading your diary produces a stream of random gibberish characters. It usually goes away after a reload or two, though. It happens on multiple browsers, in multiple locations, on multiple operating systems, so I think it's probably on Blogger's end. Suckage. -- Zach Beane

Anonymous said...

I get the same random (Unicode!) character jibberish very often on this site as well (Firebird 0.7, Windows XP)

- Adam Vandenberg

Jesus Henry Christos said...

The 'random character' problem is related to Mozilla bug 241085

The meat of the discussion starts right around comment 24

From the looks of it, the Blogger team is on it and working to get it solved.

(Sorry I couldn't provide "a href" style links, the Blogger redirect messes up the Bugzilla URL encoding, so it wouldn't directly work...I'll submit a bug report.)

If you'd like some help with the template, I'd be happy to take a look at it for you. drop me a line at (temporary at s92949322.onlinehome.us)

blah said...

I just had a problem with my templates. I have spent about two hours editting them, and I thought I finally had it right. It looked right in the preview window. I was trying this on my test blog. So I put the new template into my main blog and republished, all hell broke loose.

There could be a couple of reasons for this problem.
1. the preview function doesn't work properly
2. My test blog didn't fill the entire page, nope, not this because I had the same problem with my main blog.
3. Browser incompatibilities. When the page wouldn't render properly in Mozilla Firefox, I checked it with IE, and it worked perfectly.

Arghhh frustration, I finally got the page to render properly in both browsers. One of the title header gifs is off a couple of pixels, but if someone notices that, I'm doing well.

Jassie said...

I've got problems the staff aren't listening to either. My latest posts never turn up on my index page, any idea how to deal with that? My index is stuck in limbo for now, and you can only see the latest stuff in Archives. Dosen't work either even after I removed the archives function.

john said...

i dont have any this kind of problem with template.i m using flash template.

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