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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

We need a great utility player, not a specialist

Clemens Vasters on a pure message-based architecture vs. data-based integration...
It will make your architecture infinitely more agile...
Time will tell. I think the crux of the matter will be to determine where database integration makes sense, and where messaging integration does.

Again, I think there is a fundamental flaw in message-oriented architectures that can be addressed by improving the database-oriented architecture. We need agile databases as much as we need messages and events.

Good database design is a start. Manageable data platforms are required. Tuple spaces offer some insight too. They provide significantly more expressiveness than relational databases or message buses. A tuple space is like a great utility player in baseball.

I think "pure" SOA is SOL. The buzzword is actually a buzzkill. There will be long lessons learned where the victors will be SOA-based ERPs like SAP Netweaver and Microsoft's Business Framework (MBF apparently being horribly behind at this point). Yes, these systems are "SOA" but they also provide a data-based integration as well.

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