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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bush League

"We learned yesterday that the Department of Justice became an
extension of the White House's political machine. Under the regime of
George W. Bush, political foes have been scrubbed from the department;
accomplished, independent civil servants were fired and incompetent,
servile GOP functionaries replaced them. It was comic corruption, as
when Monica Goodling, senior liaison to the White House, asked DOJ job
applicants, "What is it about George W. Bush that makes you want to
serve him?" and "Why are you a Republican?" When one applicant
expressed admiration of the Secretary of State, Goodling frowned: "But
she's pro-choice." Goodling even committed crimes, as when she sacked
Assistant U.S. Attorney Leslie A. Hagen because of a rumor Hagen was

...In America, such deep corruption should create a huge wave of
outrage. Instead, it's not even getting much covered. A Google News
search yields just 637 results on the name "Monica Goodling." Do a
search on "gas prices" and you get 80,000. Not a fair comparison?
How about the name of Tim Donaghy, the corrupt NBA ref who was
sentenced to prison yesterday--he gets 2,500, four times as many as
Goodling. Corruption in the DOJ is just not much of a story...

Ted Stevens, long-serving Republican Senator from Alaska, was indicted
on seven charges of corruption this morning. Shrugs all around?

...Based on the early internet reaction, the Stevens news is getting a
lot of play. But Stevens' corruption *is* usual, ironically.
Throughout American history, there have always been pols on the take."


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