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Thursday, July 31, 2008


I was lucky enough to spend my teen years in the 1970s. The drive-in
was still *the* place to be on a Saturday night. Friday nights were
for the pizza parlor after the football or basketball game. Many of my
memories of movies in the 70s are also memories of what was happening
at the drive-in that night. Sitting on top of the car. Standing behind
the food stand for an entire movie.

My kids have never been to a drive-in. Although I've driven past the
one in Newberg a hundred times at least, I think my kids are now too
old for me to drag them along. It wouldn't be the same. Going to the
drive-in with my parents as a kid in the mid-60s meant watching the
first movie then climbing in "the way, way back" (which is what we
called the back of the station wagon) and falling asleep.

More things about movies my kids know nothing about: the cartoon
before the show; the _intermission_ in the middle of the movie; the
_second_ movie (and third, at least at drive-in shows).

One of not many drive-ins left, in Newberg, Oregon, near my home in Portland...

The Dixie Drive-In I attended as a kid in the 1960s in Dayton, Ohio...

Here's where I saw Star Wars Episode 3 A New Hope the first week out in, what, 1976? In Wilmington, Ohio... obviously it's not a drive-in. I think it came out in May?

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John Dougan said...

If you should you find yourself in the San Diego area the South Bay Drive-In is a worthy place to go for a movie: http://www.southbaydrivein.com/

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