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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Eh, Commerce?

All this search, ads, and other foo about Microsoft, Yahoo, and
Google. Who's gearing up to compete with Amazon, again?

<<Amazon has officially unveiled its answer to PayPal.

Yesterday, the etail giant quietly launched Checkout by Amazon - not
to be confused with Google Checkout, Google's answer to PayPal.

With this new payment service, you can buy stuff from third-party net
merchants using your existing Amazon account, already populated with
your credit card number and shipping details. Of course, third party
net merchants must first agree to use the service. But you can be sure
more than a few will jump at the prospect of pitching Amazon's 81
million registered customers.

What's more, Amazon is offering up other pieces of its oh-so-familiar
online store. Third-party partners can add Amazon-style "1-Click"
ordering buttons, for instance, or even up-sell you just like Amazon

So, the world's largest online retailer is hoping to clone itself -
over and over again. "Customers will be coming through an experience
that is really similar to Amazon's," vice president of Amazon Payments
Mark Stabingas told The New York Times. "People will like the
familiarity and the comfort associated with that.">>


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