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Friday, March 07, 2003

George W. Bush's press conference

John Robb conveys George W. Bush's press conference yesterday, including:

9/11 awoke the US to the threat of terrorism...

Shame on us for being asleep the first time the WTC was bombed in 1993.

The UN, as an organization that promotes collective security, is not working. Here's why:

  1. The UN sponsored inspections of Iraq have not worked over 12 years.
  2. The unanimous acceptance of UN resolution 1441 last September stated that this was the last chance for Iraq to disarm.
  3. Given that Saddam's Iraq continues to flout the inspections and the UN's will, the UN seems unable to bring closure on this issue.

The problems I have with this are that during these years:

  • The inspectors announced when they were voluntarily pulled out that the inspections were not working. Nothing was done back then.
  • Vice Preseident Cheney as the the head of Haliburton was raking in millions of $USD rebuilding Iraq's oil capabilities, not to mention Iran and Libya.

Thursday, March 06, 2003

Little Smalltalk

I recently stumbled upon Little Smalltalk which I had not thought about in well over a decade. It is a nice little interpreter good for learning the simple basics of object oriented programming as well as how to simply implement an interpreter for such a small but capable language. The Little Smalltalk book is a nice short read too.

WS Referral

Phil Windley continues his look at various Web Service related specifications. The latest is WS Referral.

I am in search of some kind of "best practices", which will be difficult since these are new specs and may never have been used in real-world scenarios.

The simplest thing that could possibly work is:

  • I publish a web service.
  • You call it.

Everything I want to do regarding asynchronous processing, security, transliterating for whatever reason should be possible behind the facade of a simple web service API.

Email me with ideas where this wouldn't work and WS Referal would fix the problem.

Distributed Event-Based Architecture for Web Services

I would like to read this article, "Build asynchronous applications with the Distributed Event-Based Architecture for Web Services", at IBM DeveloperWorks..

I think IBM wants me to read it too. They sent the URL in a DeveloperWorks email. But where is the article? Google doesn't find it either.

A marvelous time *not* to have to be an XML guy

Jon Udell writes the most intelligent idea about the web I've read in a long time...

It's also, I hope, about to become a marvelous time not to have to be an XML guy. Drag an URL onto your universal canvas. An object materializes. You can hand it to your friends. It can do useful things. Angle brackets? Nowhere in sight.

Wanted: Better concurrency models than monitors

I sparked what is turning into a lively discussion on concurrency models in programming languages on the langsmiths Yahoo group.

Have RSS?

Testing for RSS feed.
I'm looking for my previous audience... where are those five giys? I used to have five guys who actually read my old blog. If that's you, I'm now here. Why? (1) I'm not ready to give up on Google. They've not flipped the bozo bit on me yet. I want to try Blogger. (2) I want to try blogging and aggregating with something other than Radio. I wanted a different aggregator anyway, and moving the Radio client to a new computer was more trouble than it was worth. (3) Those five readers of my old blog will find me if they want to. They did the first time, and I had nothing to offer then either. 8^) So I'm gonna make this one stick. For a while at least.

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