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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Multitasking Meetings

Apparently McGovern's enterprisey approach to enterprises is everybit the equal of his enterprisey approach to software. There is at least one large semicondictor company that has yet to learn Jame Robertson's counter-lesson...

If you spend time multitasking in meetings, then the correct answer is that you don't need to be in those meetings. Full stop, period.
Thing is, it used to be that company's culture to eschew this symptom. Every employee was trained in a *required* "Effective Meetings" course to question their role in each meeting they're invited to. Years have passed since I saw that practiced at all widely.

Naming Conventions

According to this, my stripper name is:

Dinger Cherrywood

...and my Star Wars name is

Patlo Baday

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Some Other Wii Pictures

Some more pictures from playing the Wii last Monday...

The Wii is Alive -- My Hands On

A sighting (via James Robertson).

But hey, I got my hands on one last Monday. I played WarioWare. My son and a friend played that, plus whatever that off-roading game is, the sports that come with the Wii, and, after the two of them gathered signatures of others in the room(!) they petitioned the Nintendo guy to go to his car and get Zelda / Twighlight Princess. And they were rewarded (see my somewhat fuzzy image).

All I can say is, well, the kids took to the Wiimote controller like they'd been playing for years. I took a little more effort because I don't really play many games even with today's controllers. But the Wiimote controller really is going to make me want to play more games.

The Wii is definitely going to be the system to have this holiday season.

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