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Saturday, September 13, 2008



Apparently McCain says he knows how to capture or kill Osama Bin Laden
but will not make his strategy known unless he's elected president.

Do you appreciate being held hostage by John McCAN-DO-BUT-WONT or is
he merely a charlatan?

Why would he not be collaborating now with the present administration,
assuming he knows something they do not?

Gotta love politics. Of course he's blowing smoke, but sadly, people
probably buy into these games when they should be shaming him, and
running him off of every stage.

Friday, September 12, 2008

OSCON Moves to San Jose!

OSCON is moving from Portland to San Jose? Who wants to spend a week
in San Jose?

Sorry San Jose -- I can happily fly into your airport and rent a car
up to San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Half Moon Bay, and other
destinations. But I've never seen a reason to actually stay in San
Jose overnight. A great part of the atmosphere of OSCON is the
atmosphere of Portland. That all goes away now.

People blog from all over the world how great Portland is, and how
they're looking forward to OSCON in Portland. I'm not able to envision
a similar response to San Jose.


Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Dear Football

My friend the viking (and so you might gather, good-sized former-football player) captures my sentiments exactly...

Dear football. Thank you for coming back. Love, me.
I can't really explain it for myself. I love baseball more than football, and so look forward to September pennent races and then October.

But American football, pro, college, and high school, started this past week. What I like about football is you have one game a week per your favorite teams. You have time to talk about the games and teams between games, and listen to all kinds of talk all week on sports radio.

It's really a tradition for my family and me now, going back to pre-teen years.

Oh, and I hope the Buckeyes take some bennies or something before they meet USC on Saturday. And I hope Beanie Wells gets over that foot injury.

More of the Same

A Democrat may be willing to throw a (political) punch?

Real Money

My blog is worth $31,049.70.
How much is your blog worth?


Semantic Web, Meet Intranet. Intranet, Meet Semantic Web

From the Sun Babelfish Blog, on Sun generating FOAF from their LDAP...

"So what can one do with foaf that one could not so easily do with
ldap? Well the semantic web is all about linking and meshing
information. So one really simple thing to do is to link an external
foaf file with the internal one. I did this by adding an owl:sameAs
statement to my public foaf file that links my public and my sun id.
(It would be better to link the internal foaf file to the external
one, but that would have required a bit more work internally)."


Generating the FOAF is a good first step, but then it seems another
step is to make that editable by the subjects.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Engineering With Resources

What I appreciate about the following two pages is they each
illustrate a bit of engineering within the constraints of the system.
They are examples of attempting to use the system in your favor, in
these two cases, HTTP.



Sunday, September 07, 2008

Google's Nukes?

Joe Wilcox writes...

"Now along comes Google, carrying two nuclear missiles: Android and
Chrome. Both are immediate problems for Microsoft. Let me be
absolutely clear: Chrome is not a Web browser, it's an application
runtime. Chrome is really Google Gears with a browser facade. Sure,
Chrome is based on Webkit and has browser legacy, but the product's
core capabilities—and Google's objectives for them—is running Web
applications. Chrome is a development platform, but in the cloud
instead of on the PC. Way I see it, Chrome is the Google OS."


Dan Ingalls on Javascript

Dan Ingalls writes...

"One thing is clear: JavaScript *is* the assembly language of the
Internet, at least for a few years now."


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