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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Many, Cooperating, Screens That Compute

John Dowdell writes about recent internet-ready TV news from CES, and extrapolates...

We've got to start designing to the range of inter-cooperating display screens a person may use throughout a typical day in 2012.

And we've really got to work hard at bringing in your friends' and teachers' understandings of what's worth your attention onto those varied screens.

Future applications will be multi-screened, using the cloud, to connect with your friends. That's where the highgrowth markets are going.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Beavs Beat Trojans All Over Again

The Oregon State Beavers basketball team did not win a conference game
last year, and had not won a conference game since February 2007.
Until today, when they upset the USC Trojans at home, just as the
football team did in the fall. Nice for them to have that monkey off
their back in just the second conference game this season. The team
with nowhere to go but up just elevated themselves a notch.



Tim Riley Podcast Begins

Subscribe to Tim Riley's podcasts. They begin Monday and cost
something like $4/month. Definitely worth the few bucks for Tim
Riley's unique approach to local and national news, and everything
else. This could be the beginning to a new format for Riley, and
perhaps Emerson, that transcends the fickle, short-sighted 20th
century media companies.


Waiting on WiMax

Looks like waiting for more complete reviews and early adopter
feedback is warranted before signing up for the WiMax. Mobile is what
I would get, but mostly for use indoors.


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