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Friday, June 11, 2004


From Roger Ebert's move review...
"Saved!" is an important film as well as an entertaining one. At a time when the FCC is enforcing a censorious morality on a nation where 8.5 million listeners a day are manifestly not offended by Howard Stern, here is a movie with a political message: Jesus counseled more acceptance and tolerance than some of his followers think. By the end of the movie, mainstream Christian values have not been overthrown, but demonstrated and embraced. Those who think Christianity is just a matter of enforcing their rulebook have been, well, enlightened. And that all of this takes place in a sassy and smart teenage comedy is, well, a miracle.
"Saved!" is a good satire, approaching greatness. It is a true *satire* half-disguised as a teen movie.

What's really amazing is how little protest has accompanied it on it's way to theaters. How did this get to the mainstream cineplex so quietly?

If you need a Passionate (and laugh-out-loud) antidote to your local megachurch, this is it.

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