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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Node.js and the Javascript Tools Ecosystem

I recently have been picking up some javascript tools to test the waters of "serious" programming in that language (browser-side or otherwise). Although I've not used node.js yet for application development, it curiously shows up in several javascript-based shell tools.

And it works fine so far. My initial impression was, "Why use a web server to run shell tools?" But, e.g. docco installed perfectly using node.js and npm.

Being a skeptic, I first tried pycco, a a similar tool but more traditionally installed pythonically. Something wasn't right and it didn't run. This is just one, unfair, data point. But it was a reassuring experience that javascript tools are showing up and working fine.

Another javascript tool installed and run using node.js and npm is PEG.js, a parser generator based on, well, PEGs (parsing expression grammars).

These tools run fine, and I'm thinking they startup much more quickly than the java-based rhino javascript runtime tools. I've not bothered to investigate though.

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