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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Wikipedia bans Stephen Colbert

Explain this to me again...

According to Newsvine, a Wikipedia editor locked the entries Colbert had exhorted his viewers to edit and banned the account "Stephencolbert."
Truthiness is stranger than fiction?

Erlang and Scheme Workshops

Marc Feeley, via Bill Clementson...

This year's Erlang Workshop and Scheme Workshop will be held in Portland, Oregon, on September 16 and 17 respectively. Of special note this year is a 90 minute tutorial on "Large Scale Software Engineering with Erlang: Using Advanced Erlang/OTP".
Bill notes a presentation on Termite Scheme, an implementation that aims to do for Scheme what Erlang did for, um, Erlang...
The Termite presentation is titled "Concurrency Oriented Programming in Termite Scheme"

Sun Digging Deep for Dynamic Language Support

From JavaWorld...

Moreover, Bracha, who joked that "it is good to be behind former enemy lines," noted that among the benefits of enhancing Sun's support for dynamic languages is simplifying implementers' lives.

He also said better support for dynamic languages also would likely yield more good implementations for programmers to use, and provide potential for "awesome performance over time."

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Ruby Glues Day (sorry)

John Lam (RubyCLR) shows how to use Ruby rather than XAML as a declarative GUI design language for Avalon. Nicely done.

Although I could not attend OSCON last week, I met after hours with Paul Hammant over a coffee while he was working on support for JRuby as configuration glue for NanoContainer.

As Blaine Buxton might say, dynamic languages rock.

Weird Brain Activity

My brain feels funny watching videos for DabbleDB and Microsoft Simple List Extensions back-to-back. Draw your own conclusions.


Harry Shearer...

when Hollywood agents are lecturing us about there being more important things than money, it's time to call air traffic control and warn them about the pigs coming in on runway number one.

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