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Monday, November 06, 2006


Ralph Johnson writes...

...the Lisp people have been making DSLs for 20 years. I learned about them about 20 years ago, and the Lisp people had been doing it for 20 years before that, so I think they have been doing it for 40 years. Neverthless, DSLs are only starting to become a hot topic.
He also recommends Martin Fowler as a source (written and seen/spoken) for more information and suggests...
These are ideas that need to become ubiquitous.

Visualizing Grammars

Nick Sieger created graphs of the grammars for Ruby, Java 1.5, and Javascript. The Ruby grammar was created from parse.y from the original C implementation. I'm not sure what he used for the other two, i.e. whether they are from "real" grammars.

Nick notices the primary node as the center of complexity for the Ruby grammar. I wonder how a more incrementally derived, top-down parser might distribute that complexity, e.g. one built for a "packrat parser".

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